Marketplace Vendor Application

Since the market is very popular, vendor space is extremely limited. We require that all vendors must have a sales tax number as well as collect and report sales tax. All consumable products must be approved and licensed through the State of Florida Agriculture or Business Regulations.

2023 - 2024 Vendor Application

Standard Site  
10x10ft no Electric or Water $25

Site with Electric
Electric/Water $35 Limited Availability

Vendor Application Fees:

Standard booth fees $25.
Standard booth plus electric booth fee $35 *Limited to Availability

Policies: Southport Marketplace is owned and operated by Boggy Creek at Southport, Inc. Our farmers market policy is to give priority to Farm Vendors. Applications are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

In order to vend at the Southport Marketplace, you must follow our “Rules & Regulations.”

The following are some of our most important rules:

• You must grow or create your own product. BROKERING IS PROHIBITED.
• Farm vendors may be inspected prior to vending at market and seasonally, thereafter.
• Organic farms must attach a copy of certification. Only certified organic farmers can label produce “organic.”
• All food vendors must hand deliver or email a copy of liability insurance and if applicable, proof of certified kitchen. BBQ food and products are not permitted.
• All food vendors must meet all required State laws regarding food preparation and sale.
• Food vendors may not sell products “for pet food consumption.”
• All food vendors must wear gloves when handling non-prepackaged food.
• Farmers labeling meat, cheese, eggs, or dairy “for pet food consumption” must meet all local, state, and federal laws including inspections and labeling.
• You must follow the safety, noise and courtesy rules.  Vendors who do not follow these rules will not be allowed to vend at the market.
• Booth space is 10‘W x 10’D x 10’H. Only vendors in designated back-in/extended booth spaces may expand beyond these boundaries.
• Standard 10′ x 10′ canopies are required for all vendors, unless alternate booth designs are pre-approved.
• You cannot vend before 8:30am or after market closes.
• You cannot bring your vehicle into the market area after 8:00 am or before 12:00 pm.
• You must enter, exit and park your vehicle as specified. You must position your vehicle when unloading so it does not block another booth space or back-in parking space. You must unload immediately on arrival and move your vehicle as soon as unload is complete. You cannot set up your booth display until after you move your vehicle. (This includes your canopy, unless it is raining.)
• If you move the cones upon entering the market, you MUST move them back.
• You may not sell any products not listed on your application without approval.
• You must clearly post all of your prices.
• You must notify us within 48 hours if cancellation of booth.



It is the responsibility of each vendor to obtain all appropriate licenses and to have those in their booth at all times. Each vendor must file and keep current the copies of any applicable licenses and permits with Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures reserves the right to change any of the above rules without notifying the vendor and without input from the vendor. Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures reserves all rights.


• Obtaining the proper license or permits, and obeying all codes is the sole responsibility of the vendor, including any regulations of the Florida Department of Agriculture or other regulatory agencies.

• Once approved for the Southport Marketplace, please provide Boggy Creek Airboat Adventures with copies of licensing.

• Vendors preparing food in a commissary kitchen must have an Annual Food Permit issued by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services:

• Sales tax, where required by the State, is the responsibility of the vendor.

• Vendors of farm products must have a current Grower Permit, which is obtained at no charge through their county’s University of Florida IFAS Extension office. (Osceola County UF IFAS Extension: 321-697-3000).

• If selling food items under Florida’s Cottage Food Law: all requirements of the Cottage Food Law must be followed:

After you submit the form you will pick your booth type. Be prepared to make payment at this time.

2023 Vendor Application

Now Taking Applications for Fall, Winter & Spring.

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